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Dies manufacturing

Once approved the design, our technical department makes a study to fix the suitable materials and manufacturing process in each work, aware of the problems that may appear and supervising the production in the severity way. For its manufacturing we use the best and highest quality materials available in the market.
We produce dies for all type of stamping press machines and for many types of materials.

Die Types:

Dies for adhesive labels of 8and 12 mm. height.
Dies with 23,8 mm. height for manual and automatic machines.
Dies for joints, and technical foams.
Termoconformado dies and blister with heights straps between 30 and 60 mm.
Dies for empty systems.
Dies for puzzles.
Forging dies,

Sectors destined to:

Graphical arts, packaging, PLV, advertising, labels, blister, automotive, joints, technical foam and industry in general.

Materials that can be used with our dies:

Adhesive, paper, fine cardboard, cardboard in different thicknesses, PVC, foams, textile, plastic, recycled fibre, ecological materials,


Methacrylate die

Die finish

Die high strap

Forging die

Die + model manufacturing

Die boxes

Die box

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