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We move forward to improve our service

Ciamgraf dies, dispose of an area of 750m2 that gives shelter to recent technologies in design, laser sawing and automatic machinery for cutting and bending iron straps.

All this, added to a higher specialization of our professional staff, places our company as one of the most competitive in our sector.

Ciamgraf services are centralized among these areas and phases:

Technical department

In Ciamgraf we have a professional and specialized staff and an innovating technology. All the products that are designed in our company taking care of all the factors necessary for a perfect work.

We arrange:

3 design stations.
Machinery for models manufacturing: 2 plotter Znd machines, scanner and digitalization.
Design software: adobe Ilustrator, Corel X3, freehand, autocad, etc.
Specific dies programs.
Reading format documents:

Cutting by laser

To create die base, we have 2 laser last generation machines ( 1.000 and 1.500 w), that gives a maximum quality and that are suitable for any type of die.

Assembly of dies and finishes

In Ciamgraf dies we give a special attention to cutting and bending iron straps, with the purpose of obtaining a reliable and perfect result. We dispose of a specialized and professional team and an advanced machinery
3 automatics last generation machines
Thickness until 2,5 mm.
For quality control we use died proofs/prints to verify that work is correct.
We arrange our own transport service of picking up and delivery.

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